Formatting your MS Word Doc for Kindle

Formatting your MS Word Doc for Kindle

One of the challenges of writing a book for Amazon (apart from actually getting it written) is to get it formatted correctly so that it is ready for conversion to Kindle.

You can either use MS Office or Open Office to write and format your book. This tutorial will take you through the steps to get your MS Word document correctly formatted so that you can convert it to either an epub or mobi version ready for uploading to Amazon.

I have created a tutorial in pdf format for you to download. 

You can get it here: Download Tutorial (Updated 30 September 2013)

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If you have any questions or problems please feel free to leave a message here.


P.S. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, why don’t you take advantage of my “Done 4 You” service.

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  1. Diana,
    This is just great! Thankyou for your trouble.I have Word 2000 will this work today, or will I have to upgrade to a more recent version?
    Than you,

  2. Thank you SO much! With your help, I may actually be able to publish! MUCH appreciated!

    • Jen,

      You are so welcome :)

      Let me know if you have any problems.


  3. Muchos gracias amigo. I’ll take a look. Anything that saves time is a big help. I kiss you on your bottom… lip.

    à bientöt,


  4. Hi Diana,

    Thank you for putting together the awesome tutorial! I followed your instructions to the letter, then used Kinstant. And the results were, well, instant!

    I am feeling quite empowered :D

    Thanks again!

  5. Many thanks, Diana! This will be of real assistance.

  6. Hi Diana and thanks so much for giving us the possibility to use your own Kindle Formatting document.
    Getting an ebook correctly formatted on Kindle was difficult, until now :)

    Thanks so much and see you soon!
    Alessandro Zamboni

  7. A massive thank you Diana. I put my book on hold for a while until I got the formatting right…. Searched high and low on Google but never found what I was looking for… Your formatting PDF is a god send.. Saved me hours of time.. Perfect explanation thank you



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